Super Natural Selection (SNS) is a Roots Reggae band from Arnhem, Holland. SNS started jamming together in 2002 and plays strictly original songs in English, Dutch and Sranan Tongo. The band members are experienced musicians: Prince Naffy had a #1 hit in Suriname, the bass player Max played with a variety of bands in Los Angeles and Steven played lead guitar for years with 'The Rootsriders'/Tribute 2 Bob Marley band as well as for the funk band 'Relax'. Brian carries the entire band with his razor sharp strikes on guitar, Francois throws down masterpiece compositions on his keyboards and Edman hits undeniable beats on his drums.

Full of conviction, self-confidence and passion a vibe is created that you can't resist! SNS not only promise, but guaranty that you will not get bored and standing still will not be an option! Everybody with a pulse will be captivated from the second the band starts playing their powerful Roots Reggae with different grooves, catchy melodies, kickass guitar solos and lyrics with a message.

Conclusion: advanced Reggae music that gives you a natural high!


Prince Naffy

Lead vocals Prince Naffy (André Rohilio Reemnet) is born in Suriname and started out as a soul singer. After moving to Holland in the 1974, he also started singing and chanting on top of instrumental records (Dub). In 1990 Prince Naffy joined a band called Creators and scored a # 1 hit in Suriname. When Super Natural Selection was formed in 2002, Prince Naffy started creating songs with Max and Brian.

Max Odarty

Bass Max Odarty is born in Washington DC and grew up with funk and soul music. When his family moved to Ghana, Afro beats and Reggae also influenced him musically. After playing piano and guitar for years, Max fell in love with the bass guitar. In the '90s he played in variety of rock bands in Los Angeles, but since 2002 started creating strictly Roots Reggae music with Super Natural Selection.

Brian Hoft

Rhythm guitar Brian Hoft is born in Suriname and moved to Holland with his family in 1989. With Bob Marley as his role model and inspiration, Brian started playing guitar and singing in the beginning of 2000. His favorite music is Roots Reggae and together with Prince Naffy and Max Odarty, Super Natural Selection was formed.

Francois van Gijzen

Keyboards Francois van Gijzen is born in Holland and has been playing keyboards since he was 10 years old. After more than 10 years of taking music lessons, Francois started playing at birthday parties and weddings, where he received positive responses. In 2007 Francois met Max Odarty and after a try-out, that was received with a lot of enthusiasm, joined forces with SNS.

Steven de Geus

Lead guitar Steven de Geus is a multi-instrumental composer and musician from Amsterdam. He has played in bands such as 'Relax' and 'The Rootsriders'/Tribute 2 Bob Marley at the North Sea Jazz Festival and Lowlands. Steven has always been a big Reggae music lover, so when he was asked to play lead guitar in Super Natural Selection, he didn't have to think twice and joined the band in 2011.

Clance Vaasen

Drummer Clance Vaasen is originally a funk, rock and metal drummer. He started drumming at the very young age of 2. In 1997 Clance was featured on Dutch national television in programs such as “Hoera een kind” (NCRV) & “Solo voor een kind” (RTL4) and he was chosen “Best Drummer of Emergenza 2009 BeNeLux contest. Clance got involved with Reggae music at jam sessions and joined the band in 2014.

Pieter Bas van Bergen

Saxophone Pieter-Bas van Bergen is in born and raised in Nijmegen, Holland. He got his musical base from Brother Dositheus. PB has been playing saxphone for over 20 years and he has played with different bands and DJ’s such as: Nicky Romero, The Freemasons, John Engels and Caro Emerald. After a couple of jams with the band, PB joined Super Natural Selection in 2013.



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17 June - Spijker op z'n kop
Thialf, Arnhem - Showtime: 21:00 hrs

26 June - Lowman Festival
Aerle Rixtel - Showtime: 18:00 hrs

9 July - Tropical Night
Hengelo - Showtime: 22:00 hrs

17 July - Wildeburg Festival
Emmeloord - Showtime: 12:00 hrs

19 July - De Kaaij
Nijmegen - Showtime: 23:00 hrs

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